• Six Primary Springs (black/short)
  • Six Secondary Springs (silver/long)
  • Color coded stripes to identify rates
  • Spring rate chart available showing spring all combinations and effective primary/secondary rates


This is a Spring Assortment for the Pro-Line PowerStroke SC shocks. Take your PowerStroke shocks to the next level with Pro-Line's Spring Assortment. Now you can adjust ride heights and dual-rate spring rates almost infinitely with these color coded springs. Kit comes with six primary (short) and six secondary (long) high quality springs with color coded stripes to reference rates.

A great option part for the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC truck kit!

6063-04 | Spring Assortment for the Powerstroke Shock Rear (6063-01)


Fits On

  • PowerStroke Rear Shocks #6063-01